Led Strip Solutions Worked alongside a very Talented Designer after many revisions and design changes, we came up with a plan to achieve a 3 Layered Design offering quite a versatile System, Yet effective but not overpowering with Light emission to achieve a nice underground bunker feel.

We also added Led Downlights Above the Bar to give a nice accent to all Bar Spirits on the bar, Underneath the bottles were a custom Perspex Shelving system Designed and Manufactured by Led Strip Solutions To achieve two Things, One to light up the bottles from underneath, And the other to give a nice even wash on the front of the bar to give nice Chasing effects around the bar, This is all Controlled Via the LD.

Products Used:

Main Floor Space:

172m x LSS Pixel Neon Flex w/ Seamless Connectors

172m x LSS – NF03 Linear Extrusion

08 x LSS Direct DMX Pixel Led Drivers

01 x Madrix 8 Port Node


Main Bar:

12 x 48v RGB Downlights

48m x 24v RGB 5050 IP69 Led Tape

1 x LSS – 12ch 700MA Led Driver

1 x LSS – 8ch RGB Led Driver


Red Bar:

5 x 48v RGB Downlights

9m x 24v Red 5050 IP65 Led Tape

9m x LSS Profile 07


Blue Room:

12 x 48v RGB Downlights

12m x 24v Blue 5050 IP65 Led Tape

12m x LSS Profile 07



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