Australian F1 Launch

Australian F1 Launch

The Crew at led Strip Solutions, were recently asked to work alongside Above and Beyond Productions, to create an intense stage design layout involving led strips.

We decided to use the latest 12v 5050 cool white led strip technology, which was perfect for the application, which was mounted into a aluminium profile around the stage layout, The stage Layout was all controlled via a DMX lighting control Desk.

Products used:

    – 2 X Led Strip Solutions 24 way DMX Power Supply RDM Capable

    – 85m X 12v 5050 14.4w Cool White Led Strip

1800 Hummer Limos

1800 Hummer Limos

Led Strip Solutions were asked to supply all Led Products for a Hummer H2 Series Limousine, after looking at multiple ranges of Products available we have chosen to utilise the versatility of the RGB Led range.

We kept everything as simple as possible to give that nice clean look, Led were mounted in all areas including in the previous fluorescent tube holders, curved around the ceiling shapes aswell as the floor itself, Led was also mounted on the perspex edge to give a nice glow around the bar.

Products used:

    16m x LSS 07 – Led Strip Extrusion

    08m x LSS C2 – Led Strip bendable Led Extrusion

    03m x 12v 2835 120Leds Per Meter Cool White IP20 Commercial Grade

    05m x 12v 5050 Blue IP65 Led Strip

    20m x 12v 5050 RGB IP65 Black PCB Led Strip

Luke Million

Luke Million

Led Strip Solutions were asked to help design / Manufacture a set piece that would have the ability to be flown Around Australia, Without Exceeding the 32Kg Weight limit on all Australian Flights, With knowing the weight restrictions our final result weighed in at 23Kg for the whole set Piece Including all rigging in a Perfectly Suited Polycarbonate Case Built by Transit Pak.

To Control this set piece we used LSS-24 Way Led Controllers X 5 Units all using Neutrik 4 Pin Connections for Speed & Ease.

Products Used:

78 Metres x 12v RGB Black PCB 5050 Led Tape

78 Metres x LSS – Profile 07

05 x LSS – 24 way RGB Led Controllers With 4Pin XLR Outputs.



Led Strip Solutions were asked to design / Manufacture a Logo that would have the ability to be flown Around Australia as a set Piece, Without Exceeding the 32Kg Weight limit on all Australian Flights, This Artwork Can fly as 3 Pieces around Australia, All Custom Cases were made by Transit Pak. We had chosen to use our Custom Pixel Neon Flex Range with Seamless Moulded Connectors to give that complete seamless look. 

This product is completely Direct DMX Capable, and doesn’t require many DMX Channels to control, With a total of 328 DMX Channels required for this sign,

Products Used:

14 Metres x LSS – Direct DMX Pixel Neon Flex w/Seamless Connections

14 Metres x LSS – Profile NF-03

01 x LSS – 8 Port Direct DMX Led Driver w/ Neutrik 4 Pin XLR Outputs

04 x LSS – Neutrik 4Pin 10m Extensions



Led Strip Solutions Worked alongside a very Talented Designer after many revisions and design changes, we came up with a plan to achieve a 3 Layered Design offering quite a versatile System, Yet effective but not overpowering with Light emission to achieve a nice underground bunker feel.

We also added Led Downlights Above the Bar to give a nice accent to all Bar Spirits on the bar, Underneath the bottles were a custom Perspex Shelving system Designed and Manufactured by Led Strip Solutions To achieve two Things, One to light up the bottles from underneath, And the other to give a nice even wash on the front of the bar to give nice Chasing effects around the bar, This is all Controlled Via the LD.

Products Used:

Main Floor Space:

172m x LSS Pixel Neon Flex w/ Seamless Connectors

172m x LSS – NF03 Linear Extrusion

08 x LSS Direct DMX Pixel Led Drivers

01 x Madrix 8 Port Node


Main Bar:

12 x 48v RGB Downlights

48m x 24v RGB 5050 IP69 Led Tape

1 x LSS – 12ch 700MA Led Driver

1 x LSS – 8ch RGB Led Driver


Red Bar:

5 x 48v RGB Downlights

9m x 24v Red 5050 IP65 Led Tape

9m x LSS Profile 07


Blue Room:

12 x 48v RGB Downlights

12m x 24v Blue 5050 IP65 Led Tape

12m x LSS Profile 07