Nike – House To Go 2018

Led Strip Solutions were asked to supply all Led Elements for Nike House to go Earlier this year in June, With a time frame of 2 Days Prior notice and to have everything installed and completed on a 2 day Construction.

House to go was Located at the Collingwood arts Precinct in Melbourne,

LSS Supplied the Following:

Ball Pit:
– 64 x 0.6m High Intensity White Bars in window Seals Highlighting the windows from the Street View

– 12 x 1.2m RGB Pixel Bars

Nike Checkin Point:
– 16.5m x High Intensity 35mm 6500K White Led Bars

Reveal Wall:
– 17m x High Intensity 35mm RGB Led Bars

Entry Archway:
– 18m x High intensity 20mm 6500K White Led Bars

Door Surrounds:
– 9 Doors mounted with RGB on the Inner Door Frames

– 6 x 2m Pixel Neon Flex arrows Mounted on the walls

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