Led Strip Solutions manufactures its own Led strip lighting and ensures the use of the highest quality genuine 3M adhesive tape and components, We can custom manufactor any led strip that you might require, we pride ourselfs on delivering a great product to high expectations.

Led Strip Solution offers standard and Commercial grade flexible LED strip depending on your application requirements, for residential, commercial or for DIY tasks / hobbies. LED strip light is an exciting product that allows people to explore their DIY creativity. At only 10mm wide and around 3mm thickness, flexible strip light is great fun to use and is completely safe using as low as 12 – 24 volts DC.

We find the best installation is usually the one where the light source cannot be easily seen. So, careful planning to ensure cables and lights are concealed will go a long way to provide a spectacular result that, only a few years ago, would have been difficult or impossible to achieve with conventional technology.