Led Strip Solutions were asked to design / Manufacture a Logo that would have the ability to be flown Around Australia as a set Piece, Without Exceeding the 32Kg Weight limit on all Australian Flights, This Artwork Can fly as 3 Pieces around Australia, All Custom Cases were made by Transit Pak. We had chosen to use our Custom Pixel Neon Flex Range with Seamless Moulded Connectors to give that complete seamless look. 

This product is completely Direct DMX Capable, and doesn’t require many DMX Channels to control, With a total of 328 DMX Channels required for this sign,

Products Used:

14 Metres x LSS – Direct DMX Pixel Neon Flex w/Seamless Connections

14 Metres x LSS – Profile NF-03

01 x LSS – 8 Port Direct DMX Led Driver w/ Neutrik 4 Pin XLR Outputs

04 x LSS – Neutrik 4Pin 10m Extensions

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